Children have a sense of wonder and discovery that we consider a precious asset to be nurtured and developed. Our mission is to celebrate the differences that make each person unique while sharing the similarities that connect us, all within a framework of beauty, respect for nature, and social commitment.

    Founded in 1990, The Orchard School is a non-profit family and community centered school dedicated to providing both high quality education and family support. Acres of woods, farm, fields and orchard are available for exploration, presenting many opportunities to discover and understand the natural world.

    In addition to preschool and kindergarten, The Orchard School offers extended childcare, community arts events, classes and seasonal festivals. During the summer season there are a variety of camps filled with excitement, discovery, creativity and celebration.

The Orchard School is administered and governed by a community comprised of teachers, staff and the Board of Trustees. Through its use of communication, creative problem solving, and envisioning processes, the administration seeks to establish a respectful and positive educational and working environment.