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  The Orchard School is a nonprofit preschool-kindergarten in East Alstead, NH.

Our mission is to be a place of learning that nurtures cooperation and promotes tolerance among people of different ages, races, and abilities, and to provide support for school families. By respecting our childrens individual creativity and learning styles, our school prepares children to be personal advocates in their own education and citizenship.

The Orchard School is a center for interconnection between the cultural life of our rural community and that of the world beyond.

...We believe that the solutions to our world's ecological, social and economic problems can be found within our communities. To that end, we believe in strengthening family and community support systems so that self esteem can flourish and evolve into esteem for others and the land.

    We believe in celebrating the differences that make each of us unique, and the similarities that we share that connect us. This appreciation and acceptance is extended to include urban and rural communities, world cultures and ethnic groups. Diversity provides a richness to life. By introducing children and their families to the lives and beliefs of people around the globe, we seek to establish for our community an understanding of, a connection with, and a sense of placement within the greater community of our world.