At the Heart of our approach is the certainty that there is a gift in every childs self-expression and the unique contribution they make to the group.

The goals of The Orchard School curriculum are to assist skill development in a meaningful context while encouraging children's self-awareness, self-esteem, understanding, and empathy for others. Children are encouraged to celebrate their individuality, creativity and competency through play, art, music, story, and handcrafts. Group and individual problem solving, both scholastically and socially, are an integral part of the program. The curriculum also includes exploration of nature and the environment, multi-cultural awareness, aesthetics and creativity, and school preparedness.

Paul and Connor playing the marble game

It is primary to observe in a way that suspends judgement and lets appreciation fill your awareness for all life and beauty that came together to create each child.

Providing children with a social awareness and consideration is a critical component of the curriculum. The Orchard School promotes the understanding of many cultures through holiday celebrations, festivals, stories, and activities such handcrafts and cooking. Other areas that the school adresses are human rights, diversity, tolerance, loss and seperation, and adoption.

As a teacher my task is to recognize, acknowledge, and embrace any transition, vulnerability, or special need our students experience